Finding Yourself in “The Tao of Pooh”

This week has been a tough one. It is never easy losing a friend, and it is tremendously worse to have to say goodbye to a parent (even if not a biological one); yet this is what I have had to do this week. My mom and I were very close to my father’s second wife (the one before my mom); her sons are my brothers and they are my mom’s boys too, and she was my mama. Her passing has brought the reality that is mortality into the forefront of our, my mom and my, collective thoughts and I think I am handling it better than she is.

However, this morbid contemplation is not meant to bring you down, but rather lift you up! Enter, The Tao of Pooh. The ToP is probably my mother’s favorite book not written by Stephen King and is one that, to be honest, I merely skimmed. Yet, while I was talking to mom I turned to it as a tool to help her find her self. In order to get away some of us meditate, some go for a walk, my mom reads and so I told her to turn to the ToP.

She was worried about not being more like Mama S and she, like so many of us do, worried that she would have little to look back on should it (may the gods forbid it) all end tomorrow. I reminded her of Pooh, or P’u rather, the uncarved block, that which is and is perfect in it’s being. P’u/Pooh does not fret about how he stacks up to another but only focuses on being the best block/bear ever. I’m sure by now I’ve lost some of you but trust me, if you read the ToP you’ll understand. Now, Mama S was the epitome of Pooh, she was her and nobody else and so is my mom (and so is my wife). And who doesn’t love a big ol’ Pooh bear?!

After that conversation I went and picked up my own copy of the ToP and I am reading it again. Only this time I’m paying more attention to the page than before. Already I have unlocked some of the magic that my mom knew lay in these pages and I am sure to find more. The biggest revelation so far has been simply letting go, taking everything in stride. Sure, life is sour sometimes but in the long run this is a great existence to have.

So, will I run off and be a Taoist now? I’d argue I have been one all along and you might be too. If you love the simplicity of life, the dirt and mud, the little black storm clouds, then welcome to the Tao.

Peace and Blessed Be /|\


2 responses to “Finding Yourself in “The Tao of Pooh””

  1. Jonathan Gambill says :

    thank you for this post…I read the book many years ago when I was visiting friends out of town…now I may pick it up again. 🙂

  2. Jonathan Gambill says :

    *and please accept my sincere condolences for your family’s loss..please give yourselves time and compassion…
    Blessed Be

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