About Us

***This is a copy of the post “An Introduction” if you have read it you don’t really need to read the following***


Hello and welcome to our blog! If you have stumbled upon this little corner of the interwebs and are not familiar with either of the authors I hope this post will serve as a introduction both of us and to us (that is, our way of life, who we are and what we’re all about). And if you are somebody we know feel free to call me out on any exaggeration that I might make about how great we are, ’cause we’re pretty friggin’ great.

My name is Michael and my beautiful wife is Lacy.


We’re newly-weds, just a bit over a month married. We’re also pagans (what that means to us will be a big focus of this blog) living in the American Bible-belt. We live on a rented piece of land which we call Odinskeep in a three bedroom mobile home, named Brigit’s Hearth, with our pet rabbit, Caledfwlch.

Lacy is fresh out of college, having just graduated with her Bachelor’s and is getting her feet wet in the legal field. She plans on working in the legal profession, whether that be as a lawyer, legal advocate or teacher or any combination of the above is yet to be determined. She loves to make soap, do random arts and crafts and read. Lacy began her path of paganism at a very young age by honoring the moon, collecting flowers and rain water. Her “Pocahontas religion” bloomed into a theo(a)logy in high school when a teacher introduced her to Wicca, a tradition she never claimed but served to introduce her to modern paganism.

I am still working on my Bachelor’s in Anthropology with aspersions of going into Linguistics and language revitalization. I favorite pastime is wood carving but I also enjoy working with rope and knots (I’m told it’s macrame but I’m not a fan of the term) and story telling. I grew up a confirmed Catholic but always believe in reincarnation and nature spirits, I would often find myself “praying” to the ocean when surfing. Lacy introduced modern paganism to me and I am now currently working through the “Dedicant’s Path” of ADF.

This blog will focus on a variety of things but mostly it will serve as a place for us to show the world our views on news, religion and life. We will post regularly about the holidays, rituals, what we’re cooking, any animal signs we’ve seen and, mostly, what’s new around Odinskeep and Brigit’s Hearth. We hope to be both entertaining and informative and above all, we hope that you’ll get something from this


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